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We had a special visit from a real life scientist today! The hall was transformed into a laboratory as we were treated to an amazing science show. From giant bubbles to colourful flames, we were taken on a fascinating adventure.
We couldn’t believe lots of the things we saw!  A floating ping pong ball? A material that feels hard like wood but you can pour like water? Must be magic right?!..
..Not quite! As well as showing us these amazing tricks we were told all about WHY these things happen. In fact everything we were shown had a special scientific reason behind it..

We weren’t watching magic! This was SPECTACULAR SCIENCE!

Take a look at some of the things we saw. What do you think is happening? What could be the scientific explanation for these things?

1. Cabbage juice transformation

We watched in amazement as some red cabbage juice (eww – smelly!) was poured onto different things that you find in the kitchen, such as vinegar and baking powder.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when these substances quickly changed colour! Why do you think this happened?

2. Burning bright

Look what happens when you put magnesium in a flame:

3. Blowing Giant Bubbles:

Did you know that water has a ‘skin’, which is what the soap holds on to to make bubbles?!

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