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This week, our maths focus has been number bonds (pairs of numbers that go together to make a certain number):

We have looked at number bonds of all of our numbers up to 10.

Rather than tell us what these pairs of numbers are, Miss Stephenson gave us numicon, and we worked them out ourselves!

Look at us using our numicon to explore number bonds of 10:


Not only have we been working on these in class, but in order to continue our work outside the classroom, and get to know our number bonds really well, we have now got our very own Number Bond Booklets!

UGH! I bet you’re thinking that sounds a bit like extra homework?!

Not at all! This is a fun way for us to learn our number bonds.. and it involves prizes! Here’s how it works:

Our Number Bond Booklets contain all of our ‘number stories’ (number sentences using number bonds) up to 10. At home, we use this alongside our number bond activity booklet to get to know the number bonds of each number – starting at 1…

…and it’s not just about learning those number bonds – here’s the extra bit of fun:

On our wall, we have got a special ‘Number Bond Trophy Chart’. On this chart there is the opportunity for us to get a SILVER and GOLD sticker for each story.

A SILVER sticker is awarded if we can recall all of the number bonds of the number.

E.g. Number Story of 1:



A GOLD sticker is awarded if we can answer some ‘missing number’ questions about that number bond story.

E.g. ? + 1 = 1

Learning our number bonds can be SUCH fun!!

The competition is on, and we are going number bond mad in 1S!

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We are all familiar with ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ – the fabulous body-parts song that gets us moving! So how on earth could this be related to our maths learning, I hear you say?! Read on, and we’ll tell you about how we’ve used one of our favourite songs to help us with our mental maths!..

At the moment, in 1S, we are looking at counting, number and place value. This means not only refreshing our counting skills of counting in 1s, but we are also working on counting in 2s (without whispering the odd numbers in between!).

To help us to do this, we thought about parts of our body that we have 2 of, such as hands, eyes and ears. How many different parts of your body can you think of that you have two in (that come in pairs)?

Having discussed this, we counted them – adding them together 2 at a time. Sound confusing? Take a look:

  • We started with our eyes – That’s 2 body parts.

  • Then we added our ears – adding 2 more makes 4 body parts.

  • Then came our shoulders – 6 body parts.

  • Adding 2 knees got us to 8.

  • And finally, we added our 2 feet: 10 body parts!

Now we can count in 2s!

Take a look at our working wall, which explains and helps us to remember what we are doing when we count in 2s using our body:


As well as working hard on our mental maths, we’ve been exploring maths through a variety of activities, including numicon, number sentence bingo, unifix and peg boards.

Here’s a taster of some of our work:


What a busy week of maths – who would have thought we’d be singing in maths and our bodies could be so helpful!?