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Our fabulous Nativity Performance set the bar very high for the rest of our Christmas fun in the final week of term.

But we have definitely succeeded in kick starting Christmas with all sorts of festive activities.

Firstly, we had a very exciting visit from Santa:


Then, we had a Christmas ‘Pom Pom Party’

If you cast your mind back to one of our very first blog posts you’ll remember our class contract. We decided that, in order to achieve our very best in our learning journey, we must work as a team, helping each other to show our green attitudes collectively. Each time we show especially good teamwork, or put in effort to achieve as a whole class, we get awarded pom poms. Once our special pom pom pot is full we get to have a pom pom party (and Miss Stephenson lets us choose the activities this will involve!).

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from our blog, 1S has been really embracing their learning and have had a fantastic, action packed start to the year. As a result our pom pom pot is jam-packed, and we got to have a very special Christmas pom pom party!

This involved all sorts of activities from dressing up to Christmas craft, reading special books to Christmas ‘I spy’ (we even had some yummy food to keep us fuelled through the party!).


Story Time in Socks

Things just got more and more exciting for 1S through the Christmas week. During our final story time, we all got special presents from Miss Stephenson and Mrs Sillcott (with the help of one of Father Christmas’s visiting Elves!).

Here we are with our presents.. waiting patiently to open them:

Here is what we got:

That’s right: SOCKS! But not just any socks.. special Christmas socks! Luckily Miss Stephenson got given some special socks too (Thank you Joanne!), so we all put them on and had a special story time in socks!


… And guess what. We kept them on over our uniform all day! Even to assembly to Miss Shadbolt’s surprise!

1S certainly did Christmas in style.. Finishing it off by accessorizing with socks! We hope you all had as much fun as we did with Christmas this year!

1S would like to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We look forward to welcoming you back in 2016 for more stories of our learning journey!

For about an hour a day last week, between 9:00am and 10:00am, the Key Stage 1 building (1S’s classroom to be precise) was filled with the sound of raucous laughter. In fact, anyone who found themselves crossing the playground, including our new Reception classes on their tour of the school, were drawn towards our doors, hoping to catch a glimpse of what learning could possibly be causing such hilarity.

So, on peeking into the classroom, what did they discover?…

Well, this hour, was not any ordinary hour of literacy work – it was ‘Laughing Time’!

At this point, I’m sure many of you are starting to question what on earth this could have to do with our learning, and why we were spending so much of our literacy time laughing?! Let me explain…

This week, the literacy focus across the school has been performance poetry. As well as giving us the opportunity to  spend the week engaging in poetry, we were also given the challenge of developing a performance of our poem in preparation for a ‘performance poetry assembly’ on Friday afternoon.  This meant working collaboratively, exploring words and sounds to bring a poem to life.

Our poem was ‘Laughing Time’ by William Jay Smith.

laughing time


This is a ‘nonsense rhyme’: a humorous poem about animals – from giraffes to donkeys, chimpanzees in gingko trees to waltzing bears – all over the world laughing.. The poem gave us the opportunity to think of different laughing words and ways that we could use our voices and bodies to project these different sounds. This meant that the classroom was filled with tittering, guffawing, chuckling, howling.. The list goes on!

We spent lots of time using our voices to make all sorts of different laughing sounds. This included laughing like Father Christmas – “ho ho ho ho” (this is how the “dancing bear” in the poem laughs), as well as quite “assembly tittering” – “teehee teehee teehee” (this is how the “chimpanzee” laughs in the poem). We also made up many of our own laughing sounds and used our phonic knowledge to write these down.

How many different ways of laughing can you think of?!

After a hilarious time exploring laughter and the poem together, we split into smaller groups to be the different animals in the poem, to rehearse different sections for our assembly performance. Take a look at us practising:

“It was laughing time, and the tall giraffe lifted his head and began to laugh. Hahaaa hahaaa hahaaa”

“And the chimpanzee in the gingko tree swang merrily down with a tehee tehee tehee”

“And the chimpanzee in the gingko tree swang merrily down with a tehee tehee tehee”

“It’s certainly not against the law, croaked Justice Crow with a loud guffaw. Hawhaww hawhaww hawhaww”

“The dancing bear, who could never say no, waltzed up and down on the tip of his toe. Hoho hoho hoho”

“The donkey daintily took his paw, and around he went. Heehaww heehaww”

“The moon had to smile as it started to climb. All over the world it was LAUGHING TIME! Hahaha hehehe hawhawhaw”

“The moon had to smile as it started to climb. All over the world it was LAUGHING TIME! Hahaha hehehe hawhawhaw”

As I’m sure you can imagine from these fabulous pictures of us working together to rehearse our parts of the poem (and creating some fantastic actions alongside our laughter), we wowed the school with an excellent (and very amusing) performance on Friday.

A very jolly laughter-filled way to start the weekend!