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This half term (following our week as artists) we have been challenged to answer the question ‘Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?’.

In geography, we began exploring this question through a bit of map work.

We started by gaining a better understanding of our local geographical environment in relation to the world around us; zooming in, initially locating the United Kingdom and England from a map of the whole world (a globe), to the county we live in (Essex) from a smaller map, right down to the exact streets that we live on.

This helped us to realise that we live in a great big world, and within that world we all live in different parts of Essex.

While exploring maps, we realised that we don’t see the world like this, which was a bit strange! Aveley doesn’t look like it does on a map when we come to school!! But Miss Stephenson promised us that, even though it all looks a bit different, it is showing us where we are.

Have you ever noticed that maps look different? Do you know why? Well we do now..

Here’s a clue:

Image result for bird flying

Do you know now..?

How do you think Aveley looks to this bird..? Is that what maps look like..?

You got it! We discovered that maps are drawn from a ‘bird’s eye view’. This means that they show the world as birds and planes see it. Try looking at the things around you from above (a ‘bird’s eye view’) and the side (how we normally see things). How do they look different

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      Eleana says:

    Looks like your having fun. Did it take you long to write them? 🙂