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As always, 1S has hit the ground running this term, and have had a very busy few days getting stuck into our learning.

As well as exploring addition and subtraction using some eggs left behind by the Easter bunny (!!) and beginning our new non-fiction focus of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, we have got our hands dirty with a bit of Art..

As Artists this term, we are exploring lines and colour. We began this new topic by turning our classroom into an art gallery. With lots of different pictures by different artists around the room, we were able to choose our favourite, and have some fantastic discussions about how they had used lines and colour.

Having looked at some other people’s art, we have started to think about our own work. The first thing we needed to do was learn about different colours and how they are made.

Did you know that all of the colours around us come from THREE ‘Primary Colours’?!

The primary colours are: RED, BLUE and YELLOW.

We found this very surprising too, but our exploration of secondary colours helped us to understand that by mixing the primary colours we can make all sorts of new ones!

Take a look at us experimenting with primary colours:


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