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This half term we have been exploring movement in gymnastics. This week we had a new challenge in which we had to move like monkeys!

This didn’t mean running around making funny animal noises! We had to think carefully about how we used our bodies to hang from and carefully climb the apparatus:  


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4 Responses to “Let’s Move Like Monkeys!”
  1. 1
      Ella 5m says:

    Erin said she enjoyed the bars very much as she felt like a monkey swinging from a tree.

    • 3
        lstephenson says:

      Fantastic! We all had great fun on the ropes, and thought a lot about how we could use our bodies to carefully climb and swing!

  2. 5
      Harrison says:

    Wow I did not know how strong you are 1S ( I think you might be stronger than year 4)

  3. 7
      Harrison says:

    You do move like cheeky monkeys.